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What is WOLF PAC ?

The Wolf Pac program provides a unique opportunity for dancers to immerse themselves in the American Style cheer/dance scene, offering specialized training designed for this burgeoning phenomenon making waves in Australia. Participants in the Wolf Pac experience not only showcase their talents at regional events but also have the exciting prospect of performing annually at a national level, creating an unforgettable experience for both kids and their families.

Distinguishing itself from traditional dance eisteddfods, the AASCF (Australian Cheerleading All Star Federation) style competition transforms dance into a competitive sport. Teams present a dynamic 2-minute and 15-second routine,panel of industry professionals assesses these performances, adding a competitive edge to the event. Currently Wolf Pac enter in lyrical, Jazz, Hip hop and Pom.

The Wolf Pac Elite Teams cater to dancers already training at an elite level, emphasizing the refinement of existing skills rather than introductory dance education. This advanced program underscores the significance of teamwork and endurance in a competitive dance environment.

Recognizing the diversity of interests and skill levels, Wolf Pac now introduces a Novice Team. This option is tailored for students seeking a more relaxed experience, fostering camaraderie, making new friends, and enjoying the thrill of performing in a team. It’s an inclusive avenue that allows everyone to derive the experience they desire from the program.

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