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Mini Movers Dance Class

Join us for a fun filled introductory dance class!





Our Mini Movers classes are for children aged 2 – 5 years looking for a fun filled dance class with an introduction to the foundations of dance. The classes are a fun way to introduce them to dance while getting active and meeting new friends. We look forward to welcoming your Mini Mover to our studio.

Mini Movers Performance

What will my child do in class?

Welcome to a fun filled class for your little one, starting from the ages of 2 to 5 years old.

During a 45 minute class children are taught basic movements and dance in the styles of classical ballet, jazz and tap. They also have the option to extend class by 30minutes to learn acrobatics. The class starts with ballet where children will be introduced to  the wonderful worldthat ballet is learning the very foundations which may one day encourage them to become a ballerina!

From there the children leave their shoes on and get started on some funky jazz moves. Each week learning new steps and dance technique which carries on through to dance routines they learn through out the year. 

After a quick drink and change of shoes children will come back in the studio for tap dancing. 

Mini Mover shakes

Can we watch the class?

Parents are not encouraged to watch as it becomes distracting for their own child and the other children in the class. We find they work much better under the guidance of just the teacher Every couple of weeks we ask the parents to come and view a portion of the class. This usually takes place on our big stage in the studio, this gives the children a chance to practise being on stage with an audience. 
Mini Movers Performance, Roar Talent Mini Movers Dance
Roar Talent Mini Movers Dancers On Stage

When do we get to watch them perform?

Each year we do a Christmas concert held at a professional venue. The children will perform 2 dances on stage in costume. These shows offer a wonderful opportunity for our young stars to show their newly accomplished talents for parents, family and friends. 

Through out the year the children will have a chance to perform at the Hawkesbury Show, a great introduction at the start of the year to being on stage with their friends.

We also have either a mid year concert held at a professional venue or our in house showcase night, where we showcase all we have learned in class in front of our family and friends on our very own stage at the studio.

Give Mini Movers a go and book in your free trial!

We cannot wait to see you in the studio and meet your mini mover.

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