• Participation in a class is not available until a registration form has been completed, received, and processed by our office. (New students participating in trial classes are excepted.
  •  Enrolment is valid for one year only
  • A new registration form must be completed to commence classes in a new year
  • Students will be allocated to the most suitable class level and age group according to ROAR TALENT standards.
  • To enrol, a registration fee of $55.00 must be paid. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • · It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to update ROAR TALENT with any changes to personal information that was previously provided on their registration form.


  • Fees are invoiced termly. The full-term invoice must be paid within the first 5 weeks of term unless you have set up a direct debit

No amendments will be made to invoices for absences (such as school camp, holiday, general sickness etc.), extreme circumstances may be considered.

Fees are not refundable nor transferable between students, family members, classes, or terms, except in extreme circumstances.

  • Payments can be made using bank transfer, direct debit, eftpos, or cash.
  • We accept both NSW Active and Creative Kids Vouchers.
  • If an invoice becomes overdue, a reminder email will be sent to the student/parent/guardian.
  • No refunds will be given for missed classes
  • Where a student wished to withdraw from a class or from ROAR TALENT entirely, written notice is required.
  • · There will be no refunds or credits for withdrawal from classes. Classes are invoiced termly.
  • · In the case of extreme circumstances (e.g. broken leg and is unable to dance for 8 weeks) classes or fees can be deferred. Medical certificate/written notice is required.


  • Any individual wishing to attend a free trial lesson at ROAR TALENT Dance must complete a ‘trial form’.
  • Individuals will only be permitted to try Two free weeks of classes that is  deemed suitable for them by ROAR TALENT staff. This will be in accordance with the students age and/or experience.


  • Parents/guardians are responsible for communicating absences with ROAR TALENT.
  • Notification must be given in advance if a student is going to be absent from class. This can be done by emailing

Kathy – backstageroartalent@gmail.com

Miss Abigail – frontstageroar@gmail.com or 0466117204

  • Where a student is injured, they are expected to attend the class to observe, where applicable this is mandatory for the ELITE TEAM
  •  Students who do not attend regularly may be taken out from sections of routines, routines entirely or classes.
  • It is expected that students/parents advise the teacher if they are aware that they will be late or if they are getting picked up by someone who is not known to the studio 
  • Where a student is too late to participate or attend a class, a refund or credit will NOT be provided.
  • 24 hours notice must be given to when cancelling private lessons or you will be charged.


  • Students are expected to wear full ROAR TALENT uniform. This can be purchased from reception. Saturdays (Mini Movers excluded) are allowed to wear mufti dance wear. This must be suitable for them to dance in
  • Students must wear appropriate footwear for each genre
  • Parents are to be strongly encouraged to affix name tags to all items of uniform. ROAR TALENT takes no responsibility for any lost or missing items.
  • The ROAR TALENT logo is not to be affixed or printed to any garment without the written approval from ROAR TALENT
  • No jewellery may be worn with the exception of small studs.
  • Hair is to be worn in a bun for Ballet classes and tied up into a secure style for any other genre.


  • Parents/Guardians must have a valid email address and contact phone number.
  • Invoices and newsletters will be emailed to the parent/guardian, at the provided email address.
  • Current information and changes to timetable will be posted on the relevant internal ROAR Facebook groups
  • It is the responsibility of at least one parent/guardian to read newsletters and emails
  • Digital communication via social media, email or phone should be restricted to studio matters only.
  • Digital communication must be respectful and should not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person.
  • Digital communication must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person.
  • For information regarding Fees and accounts please email Kathy on backstageroartalent@gmail.com
  • For information about classes or general concerns or feedback over classes please email Miss Abigail on frontstageroar@gmail.com or call on 0466117204


  • Communication of concerns or queries must be directed to ROAR TALENT ] staff.
  • Teachers are not available during class time to discuss matters or answer queries

. · Parents are encouraged to seek feedback and assessment of their child. The process to do so is to contact Miss Abigail on frontstageroar@gmail.com or call 0466117024

  • Indecent or inappropriate language or communication by either party must be reported to Kathy or Miss Abigail.


  • Students are encouraged to seek feedback and assessment from their teacher. Please understand that the teacher may not be able to dedicate class time to such conversations. Teachers will try their best to accommodate the student’s request.
    ·Students and teachers are not to pass out private contact information.
    · Indecent or inappropriate language or communication by either party must be reported to ROAR TALENT


  • It is a conflict of interest to attend more than one dance studio. It is expected that students show 100% loyalty to their studio, teachers and fellow class mates. Students must obtain permission to participate in external dance (not including primary/high school events

. · Students in the ROAR ELITE TEAM are permitted to dance at their Primary and Secondary schools, as long as these commitments don’t conflict with their ROAR TALENT or restrict the student from being able to commit 100%

  • Where a student has permission from ROAR TALENT to participate in an external class, workshop or event, the parent/guardian must ensure that the students can still fulfil their commitments.


  • Students/Parents are not permitted to video or photograph classes, students or staff at any time, unless given permission by the staff or individuals involved. Photos of children should not be posted on social media platforms without the permission of the parent/guardian. The Annual registration form includes the permission forms where the parent/guardian can sign/not sign (see below).
  • Annual showcase, performance and/or competition videos are not to be posted on public websites such as YouTube or Facebook, without ROAR TALENT permission.
  • Photography and filming of theatre performances is strictly prohibited.
  • ROAR TALENT may use photographs/videos of the students to promote the academy via flyers, website, social media and advertising.
  • Staff are not to film, photograph a student without permission from ROAR TALENT


  • ROAR TALENT staff have the responsibility and authority to ensure that health and safety objectives are achieved. They will identify and eliminate unsafe acts, procedures, conditions, equipment, and hazards of all kinds. · Behaviour from students, parents or visitors that may cause an unsafe environment, will not be tolerated.
  • It is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to inform ROAR of any prior or current illnesses or injuries prior to enrolment or prior to class.
  • In the event of an injury, ROAR TALENT will administer First Aid treatment by a qualified first aider. If medical services are necessary and an ambulance required, the student/parent will incur the costs. Physical contact may be required.
  • Parents/Guardians must be responsible for minors before and after class times. We will not provide supervision to minors outside of class time.
  • Students are not to wait outside the premises. No student (under 18 years) is to wait outside or leave the premises unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • It is the parents responsibility to let ROAR TALENT know of any allergies or medication required for the student.


  • Food and/or drink is not permitted in side the studios with the exception of a water
  • Food and/or drink must only be consumed in reception or the students waiting area.
  • We request that nuts are not brought on the premises, however cannot ensure that the premises is ‘nut free’.
  • The possession or consumption of illicit or non-prescribed drugs or alcohol is not acceptable at any time.



  • Where an injury occurs, the student will receive treatment from a qualified first aider. Physical contact may be required.
  • If an ambulance is required the cost will be incurred by the students parent or caregiver
  • If an injury occurs in class a teacher will call you on the information provided on the registration form if immediate attention needs to be made. If the student is able to carry on class a follow up email or message will be sent within 24 hours
  • It is the responsibility of the student/parents to notify ROAR TALENT of any previous or current injuries.


  • ROAR TALENT does not tolerate swearing, indecent or disrespectful language, defamatory comments, or indecent or disrespectful conduct from students, parents/guardians, family members, or visitors.· Any individual who demonstrates any of the above will be asked to withdraw from ROAR TALENT immediately.
  • This includes behaviour on the premises, outside of the premises, on social media or on the internet.
  • Negative communications between parents and/or students will not be tolerated Where negative communications take place, the parents and students involved will be asked to withdraw This includes behaviour on the premises, outside of the premises, on social media or on the internet.
  • There is a no bullying policy at ROAR TALENT. We will not tolerate bullying of any form verbal, internet, physical abuse or belittling a person
  • If a student is feeling bullied they should discuss the matter directly with the person involved and request a meeting with Miss Abigail and parties involved


  • Physical contact between a teacher and student may be required to demonstrate, correct or assist with dance or tumbling movements. · In the event of an injury, physical contact may be required between a first aider and injured student or visitor.
  • Any inappropriate or indecent physical contact between staff, students or visitors of ROAR TALENT must be reported immediately.


  • ROAR TALENT hold a yearly end of year concert and sometimes  a mid year concert, Students are encouraged to peform. It is mandatory for the Elite Team
  • If a student/family does not want to participate in the concert they should tell Kathy and Abigail as soon as possible

. · Costumes for the concerts are charged once costumes have been finalised.Costumes can be paid off throughout the year . Noone will receive costume until full payment has been made.

  • A try on day will occur it is the parents responsibility to sign off on the size ordered. If student outgrows costume especially in the ELITE TEAM it is the parents expense for new one
  • On selling of costumes must not be done until permission has been granted from Miss Abigail
  • If concert is held at a outside view a concert fee will be added to the account to cover costs of helpers and rehearsals for that day
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