Elite Extension Technique Program

Aimed at the dancer who is seeking that extra training in Technique.

This program is designed to perfect and break down the technical elements of dance 


The Elite Extension Program aims to keep the dancer motivated to reach their full potential as a technical dancer.
This program pushes the dancer to the next level. Capped numbers in the class allow more focused and detailed training on the individuals personal technique and goals. Learning new skills are designed to push them to the next level. 

Training not only the body we focus on training the mind and placing emphasis on the dancer understanding their own body and how they make it work to achieve results. 
The class will be broken into 1 hour blocks with the  the focus on 
Class 1 - Stretch, Strength and flexibility
Class 2 - Progressions. Leaps, turns , jumps and kicks
(You must attend both classes ) 


Progressive stretch exercises with emphasis on square splits and safe dance practice without sacrificing lines and shapes necessary for current technique elements.

Age appropriate conditioning exercises to strengthen muscles, increase agility, control and power in dance combos.

Intense training in all relevant Kick, Turn and Jump techniques Combinations